Last year. Music.

It takes way too much effort to make a definitive best of the year list, so instead I’m giving you my listening trends. According to, here are the 10 albums I listened to most last year.


  1. M. Ward – Hold Time
    Without a doubt, my favorite album of the year. M. Ward didn’t really change his game or do anything ground-breaking with this album. He simply has this ability to write and record songs that sound like you’ve already heard them a million times before even if it’s your first listen. Perhaps that’s why he can throw Buddy Holly’s “Rave On” in there and it fits right in as his own.

  3. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
    I didn’t like Yellow House. I thought it was boring and pretentious. Veckatamist is just as pretentious, but the songs are fantastic.

  5. Neko Case – Middle Cyclone
    I had zero faith that she’d be able to follow up Fox Confessor … with an album of equal worth. Pleasantly surprised was I.

  7. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Perfect pop songs. The first time I listened to this album, I went for a run and accidentally ran my first 5K. It’s that good. Also, am I the only who didn’t remix a song off the record?

  9. Andrew Bird – Noble Beast
    Actually, despite its placement here, this album was a letdown. Perhaps I listened to it so much in an attempt to like it more. I seem to recall playing it on the headphones at work several times and then realizing it was over without ever noticing it.

  11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!
    Is it wrong to be a little embarrassed by this one? It’s a great running album. Otherwise, maybe a little below average.

  13. Wilco – Wilco (The Album)
    This album is the best thing they’ve done since YHF; which is my way of saying it’s awful. See Andrew Bird above as a plausible explanation as to why I listened so much.

  15. The Tallest Man on Earth – Shallow Graves
    What’s amazing is I probably listened to this album more in 2008. I love it that much.

  17. The Flaming Lips – Embryonic
    Thankyoubabyjesus for letting the Flaming Lips kick my ass again. I thought we’d lost them inside Wayne’s head, but here they go pushing their own boundaries and gettin’ weird. This album belongs further up the list, but I didn’t get it till September, so it didn’t have as much chance.

  19. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Why There are Mountains
    What?! I have no idea how this got up there. I was enamored with this band for about 3 days until I sent a link to a friend who deflated me by sending a link to Chickenfoot in return.

A few of these were obvious to me, but I really regret a few not making it into the top 10. Quickly, here’s a short list of albums that deserved more listens than Andrew Bird, Wilco and Cymbals eat guitars.

  • Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillon
  • Karen O and the Kids – Where The Wild Things Are
  • Monsters of Folk – Monsters of Folk
  • Jay Reatard – Watch Me Fall
  • David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

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