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Improving on perfection

How do you make new year’s resolutions when you were basically awesome the preceding year?

I’m moving

I’ll be leaving my apartment on Cox Street that we’ve all grown to love so. I’m having a cookout this Sunday at 4pm if you would like to come. There’s an official invite over on pingg.

The Digital Darkroom

Let me explain why I think it’s OK to use a computer as your darkroom. Not that it’s a big deal, but a friend called me a liar and a cheat, so I need to at least stand up for myself.

Meet your new Nostrahotdamnus : Part II

I will now amaze you with 100% truths about the future of sports, politics, and me in 2009.

Something else… by the Safeguys

I will try to explain where I’ve been the past 5 months without sounding too self-involved. That’s right. I just said I will try to talk about myself without sounding too self-involved. Idiot.


This might be the prettiest commercial I’ve seen since the Knife, Jose Gonzal├ęz, and a bunch of balls went rolling down a hill.